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Top 5 Github Pages Portfolio Templates

Jules Lee Jules Lee Follow Oct 01, 2019 · 2 mins read
Top 5 Github Pages Portfolio Templates
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As a developer, I’d like to host my portfolio somewhere free and somewhere familiar to developers. Oh wait! I know where that is. These templates are forkable and for each one of these, there’s a link to their repositories. You won’t find much if you look into Jekyll Portfolio Themes. Been there, done that. Nada! These templates are going to come up in google search results, but it’s better to see them in all in one place.

1. Dev Portfolio

dev portfolio

If I may be so bold to place this as number 1. I’m currently using this template as my portfolio. This repo contains an easy-to-customize personal dev portfolio template that was created with Sass and JavaScript. It is lightweight and fully responsive, as well as comes with the Bootstrap grid system and loaded with Font Awesome. The site is static and comes production ready if you just want to add your information and go. Alternatively, you can edit styles, colours, and scripts fairly easily. The site was built as modular as possible to make it easy to shift around styles and content.


2. Developer


Developer is a free Bootstrap theme designed to help developers promote their work. It can be used as a professional portal to your other online portfolios or websites (eg. Linkedin, CoderWall, Blog, GitHub etc) in a modular fashion. The theme comes with all of the source SCSS files included so the styling/color can easily be customised to your taste.


3. Single Page Developer Portfolio Template

single page

Complete Resume based portfolio for developers. Developers don’t talk much. Their code does all the talking.


4. Plug-and-play GitHub portfolio


GitShowcase is an Open Source project designed to help developers show off their talents. If you like the project, you can help by sharing it on social media and giving us a Star on GitHub.


5. Pillar


This is not a portfolio, but I couldn’t find another interesting portfolio repository anymore. I just thought this might be noteworthy too. Pillar is a free Bootstrap resume/CV template tailored specifically for developers. The template comes with 6 color schemes and are quick and easy to change via the source SASS files. Built on Bootstrap 4, this template is included in our premium Bootstrap 4 theme Instance. If you are a developer and need to build your online presence, you need to check out the Instance theme as it has all the winning ingredients to get you hired by your potential employers or clients.


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