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Take Your Swift Data Structures Knowledge To The Next Level

Jules Lee Jules Lee Follow Oct 04, 2019 · 1 min read
Take Your Swift Data Structures Knowledge To The Next Level
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I just found one of the best guides to prepare for your interview. I found out about this in Sean Allen’s Swift News. Though I wouldn’t recommended relying on this alone, in case you need to prepare for an interview, because there are other aspects of iOS development that needs perusing.

ray wenderlich

I don’t always find Ray Wenderlich’s site a great place to look for tutorials. Some of the contents do baffle me sometimes. Although, it’s still a good place to start learning programming, Swift especially. This resource, Swift Interview Questions and Answers, is a good find for me though. It’s a good place to start learning or refreshing your knowledge on the most utilized methods of using the Swift language. It’s kind of like a flashcard wherein answers are hidden, then you press the reveal button to get an explanation.

The explanations are superb! It’s not always just a bunch of paragraphs, some have a bunch of examples every step of the way and explained in the simplest-to-understand manner. I mean who needs more explaining when there’s the easy to understand examples. I wish there is a similar resource for GCD because it is tough for newbies.

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