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Codable JSON Parsing

One of the reasons why you should learn this is, first, because you’re an iOS developer. You need to trim down the size of your app by avoiding 3rd party frameworks. Now, let’s look a...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 02, 2019

Why I Prefer Cloud Firestore Than Realtime Database

This is just a brief insight on why I prefer using Firestore. At first, I was hesitant to dive into Firestore, because I thought there wasn’t really much difference. I saw videos and ...

In Tutorial, Firestore, Firebase, Oct 01, 2019

Top 5 Github Pages Portfolio Templates

As a developer, I’d like to host my portfolio somewhere free and somewhere familiar to developers. Oh wait! I know where that is. These templates are forkable and for each one of thes...

In Portfolio, Github, Pages, Oct 01, 2019

@State to @ObjectBinding Modifier

Notice how Scott changed from @State to @ObjectBinding. He started discussing BindableObject at 5:17. That’s because you can only use @State with local properties in the struct view. ...

In Tutorial, SwiftUI, Oct 01, 2019

A Better EmptyView In An Empty CollectionView

One of the most lovely codes I’ve found is to turn an empty view into something more informative than showing nothing. As you can see, I have two labels in place of my collection view...

In Tutorial, Improvise, Oct 01, 2019

Using Cloud Functions To Create Remote Notifications With Firebase In Swift 5 and Javascript

This is tested using Firebase Realtime Database, not with Firestore. Before all of these, I assume you have already been using the realtime database. More importantly, you already hav...

In Tutorial, Swift, Notification, Sep 30, 2019

Use Jekyll Manager Instead of Jekyll Admin

I was hesitant in making a change at first, since I just started blogging using Jekyll. Looking at how updates are freshly being added to the jekyll-admin library made me think it’s m...

In Jekyll, Admin, Manager, Sep 29, 2019

!= VS. NOT Filter In Realm Swift

Instead of using != as your not equal, you can or should use NOT instead. I’m writing this post because I just can’t seem != to work as part of my predicate. I was struggling to find ...

In Tutorial, Sep 29, 2019


First, let’s create a symlink:

In Tutorial, Sublime, Sep 29, 2019

Eureka LocationRow

If you’re a newbie on this, you might not actually figure this out quick. Apparently, it’s only a quick tour to the example project in Eureka. Particularly in CustomCells.swift. Just ...

In Tutorial, Sep 28, 2019