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Where Is Assistant Editor Mode In Xcode 11

Welcome to the world of Xcode 11 where it’s now confusing to find the assistant editor. Well, there it is. It is not in the same place anymore. On the top right corner of the storyboa...

In Tutorial, Xcode, Oct 06, 2019

How Static Is Used

Static is like creating a global variable. You’ll see what I mean when you’ve watched Sean Allen’s video tutorial.

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 05, 2019

Take Your Swift Data Structures Knowledge To The Next Level

I just found one of the best guides to prepare for your interview. I found out about this in Sean Allen’s Swift News. Though I wouldn’t recommended relying on this alone, in case you ...

In Reference, Swift, Oct 04, 2019

Swift: If Let vs. Guard Let

This is a brief explanation for newbies. It’s because when I was still a newbie, I didn’t really understand how or when to use either of these two. I never touched them at all. If you...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 03, 2019

MapKit Theme Style Overlay Swift 5

You don’t want to use MapBox or GoogleMap? Me too. I don’t want to pay for something that isn’t going to be much different. For now, I don’t see myself using their extra features, wha...

In Tutorial, MapKit, Swift, Oct 03, 2019

Faster Build Time Xcode From HDD

I’ve had my Xcode projects in the HDD drive ever since. Today, I transferred them to my SSD thinking it would solve my problem. But yeah, I guess it would load my codes faster since i...

In Oct 03, 2019

You may have difficulty booting from this destination volume, the underlying disk is not partitioned with a partitioning scheme that Apple recommends for Intel Macs.

You might encounter this problem after cloning with Carbon Copy Cloner. You’ve also come here because you’re trying to make the cloned hard drive bootable. Well, you’re in luck. The p...

In Tutorial, Mac, Oct 02, 2019

Where To Learn Async Callback and Futures

One of my favorite online tutors is Let’s Build That App. He’s really good with his YouTube thing going on. Makes me understand a lot of Swift stuff that I never imagined to be diggin...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 02, 2019

Where Better To Understand Semaphores (Swift)

Thanks to Roy Kronenfeld’s Medium post for this explanation of how to use a semaphore, specifically, utilizing the counter: let semaphore = DispatchSemaphore(value: 0). Another tutori...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 02, 2019

Sean Allen Finally Learns SwiftUI

I’ve seen him talk about how he was hesitant to dive into learning Swift UI. I took his sentiment as my own because I don’t really see why I needed to.

In Promotion, Oct 02, 2019