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Experience With Carthage As Opposed To Cocoapods

Cocoapods make your build times slower and that’s why I’ve taken the liberty of trying Carthage. Well, from the instructions I’ve read in bigger frameworks like Realm and FacebookCore...

In Review, Xcode, Oct 10, 2019

Can You Design iOS Apps If You're Not A Designer?

I’m in no position to give any advise on creating designs because I’ve never been a designer. I only code my way through Xcode and I’ve only begun trying to deploy an app on the App S...

In Tutorial, Design, Oct 10, 2019

Sign Out Firebase And Remove Access Token

I call the signOut() to sign out, but there’s really a lot of things going on inside my call. I’m not sure which is the correct way to do this yet, but what I’m trying to achieve is o...

In Tutorial, Swift, Firebase, Oct 08, 2019

Notification And Observer: The Basics

This topic is not about Local Notifications or Push Notifications. It is about creating triggers. This is a straightforward snippet of how you call a trigger or the one-liner that not...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 08, 2019

Check If Online Swift 5

Thanks to Paul Hudson @twostraws for the informative knowledge on how to check for internet connection. Let me remind you that this solution is available since iOS 12.0. WWDC in June ...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 08, 2019

Native Messenger App For Mac OS (Review) vs Caprine vs Goofy vs Franz

I’m currently on Mojave and I just thought that it’s time I use an app for messenger. It takes quite a while to load Facebook messenger on my Chrome browser. Maybe it’s just my intern...

In Review, Oct 07, 2019

My First Post On Reddit

YouTube has been recommeding me blog tips and I’ve recently been keen on trying to get views on this blog. Today, my blog is still not indexed by google, but my half-baked portfolio f...

In Review, Blog, Oct 07, 2019

Basic Implementation of Local Notifications

Let’s get one thing straight now baby. Local notifications is not the same as Push/Remote notifications. It is also not the same as the Notification-Observer relationship which I will...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 07, 2019

Sophisticated Way To Use LocationManager Swift 5

This is the most elegant solution I found on how to retrieve location with CoreLocation.

In Tutorial, Swift, CoreLocation, Oct 06, 2019

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD): Where To Start Learning

I’ve been hearing and reading GCD for quite a while now. Grand Central Dispatch. Whoa! Big word! It’s really just a concept of using threads. It’s not a railway system, no. GCD is an...

In Reference, Swift, Oct 06, 2019