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Jekyll Code Syntax Indentation

I’ve been bothered by this problem for quite a while now. I never thought of finding a solution for it, but now that I have, it’s actually pretty simple. All that’s needed to fix this...

In Tutorial, CSS, Oct 26, 2019

Taking A Look At MVVM

There are two MVVM tutorials I’ve come across. Let’s see how similar it is and how we can tell both are MVVM. I will arrange their code in this order: model, view model, and controlle...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 25, 2019

Sharing UserDefault Between Apps

I just discovered a way for two apps to communicate with each other with the use of UserDefaults. I thought that UserDefault is only available locally in the app. Sandboxed in its own...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 21, 2019

Fake Airpods i500 TWS Review

I bought a pair of Apple Fake Airpods on Shopee for Php 1060 including shipping. Yes, that’s right! I bought it cheap. It’s around $20 and it’s worthy, I might add.

In Review, Oct 20, 2019

Weak Self vs Unowned Self

Most articles regarding this are overwhelming and I’m about to make it easier. This is based on Brian Voong’s tutorial. I urge you to watch the video too because, essentially, that is...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 14, 2019

Using Vertical Mouse: My Take

I bought the Wireless Vertical Mouse Game 800/1600/2400DPI Mice 2-Button a couple of weeks ago and it just arrived a week ago. I bought mine in Shopee. It’s a marketplace here in the ...

In Review, Health, Hardware, Oct 14, 2019

Context Menu in SwiftUI

This is one of the coolest things you’d see in an iOS app. Context Menus, like the one showed in the picture, was something that I thought could only happen with App Icons. It turns o...

In Tutorial, SwiftUI, Oct 14, 2019

Let's Start Using Swift Package Manager

The first time I encountered the word Swift Package Manager was just a few days ago while searching for alternative ways to install the Firebase framework in my project. I thought Car...

In Review, Oct 13, 2019

Enums For Beginners

Enums can be confusing for everybody, especially the newbies. I mean, why use those when you can just create variables and constructs. It does the same right? Some claim that they use...

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 12, 2019

Sign In With Apple Swift 5 Tutorial

First of all, a big thanks to Kilo Loco’s tutorial. Check it out. Not only is this feature available for iOS 13 up, it’s also available for Mac OS 10.15.

In Tutorial, Swift, Oct 11, 2019