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FriendFace: Saving Nested Object In CoreData With SwiftUI

There’s no face image in this challenge, from 100 days of SwiftUI. I will only be discussing my codes. Thanks to Peter Barclay for his repo. I assure you I didn’t follow through his l...

In Tutorial, Jan 11, 2020

How's 100 Days of SwiftUI

Like most Udemy courses, this course also begins by introducing Swift. Hence, Swift UI begins at a later part like Day 16. So that makes it 84 days haha.

In Review, Dec 29, 2019

Constraints, Dimensions and Font Sizes

Aside from the dimensions from the image above, I’m sure you are also concerned with dimensions of inner components of the storyboard. I would like to share more of these dimensions. ...

In Cheatsheet, Swift, Dec 26, 2019

Cannot Delete or Merge Old Volume In Partition In Catalina

This post is from StackExchange, coming from a user named Charles.

In Mac, Tutorial, Dec 24, 2019

From Swift UIKit to Dart Flutter Review

I’ve given this some thought for maybe a month or two now. To switch from iOS developer to Flutter developer, even though I’m not employed or something. Now, why would I do that? Xcod...

In Review, Nov 06, 2019

Is Catalina Sluggish? (Hackintosh)

As a developer, technically, not yet, but I’m trying to become an iOS developer. I have been giving SwiftUI some thought. I want to try it because the declarative way of developing ap...

In Review, Oct 30, 2019

Delux M618 USB Wired Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse Review

My new vertical mouse just arrived as we speak. This is a little different from the previous one; It has a wire instead of it being wireless and it feels funny around my hands.

In Review, Hardware, Oct 28, 2019

Using Touch ID and Face ID In Your App (Swift 5)

To use Face ID, or even Touch ID, we need to import LocalAuthentication. The code below works for both Face and Touch ID. Whichever is enabled in the user’s settings.

In Tutorial, Oct 28, 2019

Using Netlify As A CMS For Your Jekyll Blog

I was actually intimidated by the idea of trying out Netlify for my blog but not so much anymore. It turned out pretty easy to do.

In Jekyll, Tutorial, Oct 27, 2019

Using Forestry As A CMS For Your Jekyll Blog

This is by far the best CMS for Jekyll I have discovered. It only takes a few clicks to get it up and running, unlike Jekyll-admin/manager and Netlify. I still haven’t found a workaro...

In Jekyll, Tutorial, Oct 27, 2019