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My First Post On Reddit

Jules Lee Jules Lee Follow Oct 07, 2019 · 2 mins read
My First Post On Reddit
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YouTube has been recommeding me blog tips and I’ve recently been keen on trying to get views on this blog. Today, my blog is still not indexed by google, but my half-baked portfolio is. Which is weird.

One of the tips of some YouTuber was to post your links on Reddit. I was hesitant at first because I felt like it would be kind of like spamming on the internet, but that YouTuber said that it would help index my blog faster, and so I did. So, it happens that there are three ways to post on Reddit, just like the numerous ways to post on Facebook. You can post a link, image, or a text. No wonder I’ve been seeing so many links only posts on Reddit. I thought they were spammy.

The way it works is just copy and paste a link to the Url field. Once you’re done, the title field will automatically fill itself out, then submit. You can’t upload a thumbnail on the link you posted. It is also automatically generated coming from your link’s image metadata. Just brilliant! However, you can’t really post links everywhere. There are some topics that you won’t be allowed to post links to.

The second link post was what I posted on my blog just yesterday. I just thought people would try to find it because it is a more recent issue with Xcode 11, and so people did find it really quick. Now I have 16 karmas just for a day of using Reddit. Whatever the hell that means. So it is true that it is easier for your blog to be found if you post on Reddit.

My first link post was a tutorial and I was sure people were going to find it more helpful, but as it turns out, no one bothered to touch it yet. I’m still sure that posting it on Reddit will help that post be seen than not having posted it on Reddit.

And.. surprise.. surprise! My blog views also went up really high. At least, the highest it has been since creation.


This feels great actually. It feels like I’m already indexed by Google and like people are already flocking into my blog. Someone also recently just gave me a tip for my other blog post, hence I updated my blog post, and now, it has a more flavorful content. Dang, I’m really feeling like a legit blogger now.

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